Creating Chemistry Over Chemistry

A Valentine’s event for couples or singles!

Our first event was a huge success and we are gearing up for our second.  Come join us for a fun & unique new evening event in Bellevue, Washington at the Bellevue Red Lion (11211 main street) brought to you by experienced teachers.  

Keeping the same experiments from the first event but refining the structure and adding some more love for a Valentine’s Day weekend option.  Starting at 4:30pm every participant will receive a free drink immediately upon arriving. The evening will be filled with interactive chemistry experiments, door prizes, a trivia contest and great food & drinks! Come create some chemistry with friends, or someone who is more than a friend wink.  Dinner is included in the cost!  The Fajitas bar gives everyone a chance to make their entre into something delicious for them!  Go for the roasted vegetables or fill up on meat filled tacos!! Don’t miss your chance to have some great photos taken of yourself looking like a mad scientist with your favorite people!  Cost for a full evening of fun, food and drink is $70 per person. 

Lab stations will be filled as people arrive, 4 to a table, so please arrive with your friends so you can sit next to each other! Sorry, kiddos, this event is for 21+ only. You can also RSVP or ask questions by emailing 


Interested? Don’t wait our last event sold out!

Come check it out!  Use the “Join the Experiment” link to sign up and pay for the event. You’ll be able to fill out a waiver online or at the event!

Join the Experiment on 2-11-18